In person or online

It's all about rebuilding connections.

We live in a time of some pretty serious disconnection.  Disconnection from family and friends, from partners and workmates and more often than not, disconnection from ourselves. 

At the heart of the work I do, is offering a space to explore what the process of reconnecting might look like. Throughout the year, I run various group workshops and events, each designed to facilitate this reconnection process. 

The truth is, we heal together, not in isolation. When we come together and share experiences, learn from each other and open up to new possibilities, we light a little spark within and the reconnection process begins. 

Uniquely YOU!

A workshop designed to help you embrace your unique way of working and let go of imposter syndrome and doubts that hold you back from really showing up in the work you do - or want to do. 

Now I'll be honest, the reason I’m starting the year with this workshop is because feeling comfortable in the unique way that I work has been a big lesson for me in the past few years. When I embraced my unique way of working, I felt less overwhelmed, more invigorated and inspired and more connected to my true self.

This workshop will help you connect with and feel confident in working in the way that you really want to, how you truly imagine work could be for you. 

Put your hand up for that project or promotion! Start that soul fulfilling business you've always dreamed of! The world needs what you have to offer in exactly the way that only you can deliver it. 

It’s time to embrace your uniqueness and leave fear behind!  

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I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country across Australia, and recognise I work on the lands of the Darkinjung People. I give thanks to their caretaking of this beautiful land and pay respects to elders past, present and emerging.